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Christmas music: to carol or not to carol

It’s that time of year again when retailers across the country ask themselves whether they should start playing Christmas music.


From concept to closet: New Zealand’s apparel industry in 2019

Held at the end of August, New Zealand Fashion Week is an annual focal point for local designers and those interested in their products. But ...

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Making ecommerce easy: Integrating buy now pay later products

Multiple payment options on an ecommerce site make it easier to convert customers at the cart. Conversions have never been more accessible, with ecommerce platforms ...

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Target new consumers by broadening your finance offer

Grocery, fuel and pharmacy retailers can rely on the fact that a broad swathe of consumers will factor a regular spend into their budget, but ...

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How technology platforms are driving ecommerce success

Bricks and mortar retailers can rely on foot traffic for a large percentage of their customers, but it’s not that simple in the world of ...

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What retailers need to make Black Friday a success

Black Friday started out as an American shopping holiday, but its uptake in New Zealand has grown each year. It now marks the unofficial point ...

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How AI-enabled data analytics can help boost your retail business

Retailers have been hearing the buzzword ‘Big Data’ tossed around for some years now. As the flow of data has intensified, many larger organisations are ...

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Driving retail sales with big data

When a retailer digitises any part of their business, that creates numerical feedback in the form of data. Clever retailers are starting to use this ...

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Why is contactless payment lagging in New Zealand?

Last year we reported on the plight of payWave signs on POS machines. We’ve sighted a few more parking meters showing the recognisable tap and ...

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How trust and transparency are transforming retail

In today’s retail landscape, the transparency and connectivity enabled by the internet means consumers no longer rely on retailers to educate them about products. We ...

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How shoppers are driving changes in payments

Retail payments have come a long way since manually-operated cash registers that pop open a drawer. We examine how changing consumer behaviour has driven innovations ...

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