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Last year saw a number of high-profile retail closures, each of which had a big impact on its staff and suppliers. In the final

We love a good brand mascot at The Register - the more surreal, the better. As part of a retrospective series on retail wins

Is it just us, or was 2016 full of huge shifts and changes? The Register's Elly Strang has picked out the most important of

As part of our series that explores the retail industry's greatest moves of the past year, we talked to New York based retail futurist

In an industry like retail, innovation and issues go hand in hand. But which should you pay attention to? The Register's Elly Strang has

The Register's Elly Strang hands out bouquets and brickbats based on retailers' performances in our '2016 in retail' series. In this installment, she picks

As 2016 drew to a close, The Register's Elly Strang reviewed its ups and downs. Here, she hands out awards for the best in-store

As another eventful year in retail draws to a close, Elly Strang casts her eyes back over the past 12 months to see who