Cartology’s General Manager Samantha Osborne tells how the platform is set to disrupt the business- to-consumer market. Countdown’s new stand-alone media business Cartology is

Things can get kind of busy when you run your own retail business and it’s easy enough for things to fall off the tracks.

Retail NZ has announced that it will be holding its 2021 Sustainability Forum in Auckland on 25 June.  Chief Executive Greg Harford says that the

Running a retail business can mean wearing many hats. From handling customers to balancing the books and looking after your staff, the retail world

Seiko is an innovative watch manufacturer with stores across the world. Bruce Weber, the Finance Manager responsible for Seiko New Zealand was in search

As a small business owner, we know you have a lot going on. Whether it’s ordering more stock or serving customers, the world of

Established at the end of 2020, supply chain company Trade Flows could just be the saving grace of New Zealand business amidst border closures and supply

In a retail environment customer service is key. Sometimes it’s even the reason why a sale goes through, or the customer walks out empty