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A popular series of hashtags mocking unnecessarily gendered products have spread across social media like wildfire. #fragilemasculinity has been applied to a bewildering rainbow of aggressively-branded items including – but certainly not limited to – umbrellas, throat lozenges, moist towelettes, nut mix and toothpaste.

Floundering Kiwi childrenswear retailer Pumpkin Patch has delivered a worse loss than it previously indicated in its latest financial results announcement, but it’s not giving up yet. It has reduced net bank debt by approx $20 million in the past year and has secured banking

A popular cafe in east London has been targeted by an angry mob after finding itself an unwilling symbol of gentrification and inequality. On Saturday night, hundreds of masked protesters descended on Shoreditch's Cereal Killer cafe, painting “Scum” on its front window and setting fire