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Canterbury of New Zealand undergoes rebrand with exhibit

Sports equipment and activewear brand Canterbury of New Zealand has rebranded with a new campaign highlighting their “innate resilience”.

Established in 1904, the latest campaign and rebrand at Canterbury of New Zealand highlights their products as “The World’s Toughest Activewear”. With the help of internationally renowned visual artist Tom Gould, the brand was able to capture their products living up to the rebrand.

Gould, who has work featured with popular American fashion magazine, Vogue, captures Canterbury of New Zealand’s work with “striking film” of people in extensive environments from the Gisborne region while sharing their stories.

“It’s this positivity and Kiwi resilience I wanted to capture in the new brand creative and gallery exhibition I’ve developed for Canterbury of New Zealand,” says Gould.

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“I wanted to portray this resilience in a way that shows beauty in the stillness and repetitive nature of everyday life.”

Rebranding Canterbury of New Zealand comes after over 118 years of the brand being synonymous with sports and “versatility”.

Nowadays the brand is wanting to further their reach with their extensive product offering to those with the same values of “resilience”.

AJ Moriarty, Head of Product and Marketing for Canterbury of New Zealand says that Gould has a true understanding of “the rich heritage”, “resilience” and “toughness” of the brand.

“For us, being the toughest is not about being hard or ruthless, it’s about showing up in the moments that matter and standing up for something,” he says.

“We put quality, design and versatility before anything else, giving respect to those who wear our clothes and celebrating the way they face life’s physical and mental challenges.”

The exhibition of Gould and Canterbury of New Zealand’s work is exclusively featured at Knowear in Auckland.

Moriarty says that with the exhibition, the community is given the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece from Gould’s collection of portraits.

“Each vote equates to a $1 contribution, up to a total of $10,000 for I AM HOPE. Resilience comes from a place of strong mental health, and we admire the work I AM HOPE does to help build mental health and resilience with the young people of New Zealand,” he adds.

Every voter is also given the opportunity to win their favourite image of Gould’s portraits.

Alongside the exhibition, Knowear will stock the Compass Collection which celebrates archived graphics, heritage styling and new our pieces fit to the brands 1980’s and 1990’s aesthetic.

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