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Shopify partners with YouTube for NZ merchants


E-commerce infrastructure platform Shopify is expanding their network, partnering with YouTube Shopping to help content creators efficiently and effectively sell to their audiences.

Content creators in New Zealand can now use features created by Shopify and YouTube to sell their products to their audience while consuming content.

“As consumers increasingly turn to social platforms to discover and interact with brands, Shopify’s integration with YouTube creates a new opportunity for independent brands to build their business within the creator economy,” says Shaun Broughton, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Shopify.

“Commerce today requires brands to be everywhere their buyers are.”

Broughton adds that content is the centre of brand interactions and with content creators becoming as big as A-list celebrities, the line between the merchant and creator is blurred as the creator economy grows.

Content creators are beginning to tap into the world of creating their own product as another form of revenue that specifically targets their audience, a direct-to-consumer model.

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“For years, creators have built businesses around their YouTube content, often extending their entrepreneurship into building their own brands, but it hasn’t been as seamless to reach their audience with these products directly on YouTube,” says David Katz, Vice President of Shopping Product at YouTube.

“We’re excited to partner with Shopify to help creators easily bring their stores front and centre for their communities on YouTube, who are increasingly turning to them to shop.”

The partnership with Shopify and YouTube allows creators to make use of the full potential of the direct-to-consumer model as Shopify users can sell their range of products through YouTube in three ways.

The features include merchants tagging and pinning their products during key points of a livestream, and with picture-in-picture playback allows customers to continue to watch the content while checking out.

Merchants can also show a list of products in a shelf available below on-demand videos.

A store tab is also introduced to a creator’s YouTube channel that will feature their entire selection of products.

With the features, merchants can also track their performance from their Shopify dashboard, getting a glimpse of their entire multichannel sales.

Working with Shopify, YouTube creators can now create a better shopping experience for their audience directly from their platform, as they create content while also further monetising and building their brand.

As one of the largest platforms of e-commerce, Shopify is available in over 175 countries, and works with brands such as JB HiFi, Culture Kings, Allbirds and more.

YouTube is one of the largest platforms in the world, clocking in over two billion monthly users, making the website the best place to reach consumers.

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