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GO Rentals makes their way to Waiheke Island

Kiwi owned and operated car rental company has opened their eighth location on popular tourist hotspot, Waiheke Island.

GO Rentals have launched a fleet of vehicles that have come at a time just before an anticipated busy season when borders reopen in July, making it more accessible to visitors on the island.

Located in the Matiatia Ferry terminal, Go Rentals is now available on Waiheke Island for bookings from June 28.

“Our new Waiheke location will make the island as accessible as possible to domestic and international visitors at an integral time, following a challenging period for many businesses on Waiheke who rely heavily on tourism,” says Chief Operating Officer James Dalgish.

The fleet of vehicles include a range of SUVs, vans, four-wheel drives, mountain bikes and electric bikes. Dalgish says the range will appeal to every type of tourist and is the “best way” to explore the island.

“Many visitors to the island only scratch the surface of what is available due to not being accessible by public transport or limited seat capacity during peak season.”

Daglish adds that with a GO Rentals on the island, he hopes that there will be a “much-needed boost” for the local businesses.

“Waiheke has always been a location on our radar as it is at the top of every tourist itinerary,” he says.

He adds that the vehicles will allow tourists to visit highlights of Waiheke Island such as the Whakanewha National Park, Sculpture Park at Connells Bay, Stony Batter walkway and the large number of vineyards and restaurants.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome both overseas and domestic travellers to Waiheke.”

Go Rental’s location on Waiheke Island will be the eighth location for the company following Auckland City, Auckland Airport, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and soon Nelson.

He also adds that placing a GO Rentals site on Waiheke works towards their goal of becoming the most accessible car rental company in the country.

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