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Dosh expands with new Visa partnership

New Zealand’s first mobile wallet, Dosh, is now working with Visa to “drive significant innovation” in the payment landscape.

First launched in 2021, Dosh is an app that allows Kiwis to pay and request payments through QR codes or mobile numbers. The mobile commerce operator is now expanding its network through a new partnership with Visa.

Working with Visa, Dosh will launch a card, allowing users to spend funds from their wallet anywhere that accepts Visa.

“This is an important next step for Dosh. It means that the Dosh mobile wallet will seamlessly integrate into one of the world’s largest payment networks, massively expanding Kiwis’ ability to buy goods and services using Dosh,” says co-founder Shane Marsh.

The Dosh Visa card will be available for Kiwi users from the second half of 2022, with a physical card being introduced first, and a digital card released soon after.

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What makes this different, is that Dosh will allow users to split bills more efficiently when they reach a restaurant that calls for ‘one bill per table’. The technology will allow users to split the bill by paying with the Dosh Visa card, and from the app using the split bill function with members from their contact list, immediately getting reimbursed.

Dosh co-founders James McEniery, Shane Marsh and Visa’s country manager for New Zealand and South Pacific, Anthony Watson.

“It means you can pay anyone back via Dosh at any time, and they can instantly use Dosh at any business that accepts Visa,” Marsh adds.

Dosh co-founder James McEniery says the partnership with Visa will “significantly expand” their network of businesses to allow seamless money transfers without the wait or “to be cleared by the banks over the weekend”.

“This is a real game changer,” he adds.

Anthony Watson, country manager at Visa for New Zealand and South Pacific says over the years there has been “significant demand” for digital payments that are convenient and secure.

“By leveraging Visa’s network and scale, Dosh can expand its solution to deliver a great customer experience and innovation to more Kiwi consumers and businesses,” he adds.

The collaboration with Visa is helping expand Dosh’s mission to provide Kiwi’s “with greater financial freedom, access to and control of their money”.

Dosh has recently achieved raising $5 million in a Seed Round.

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