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Klarna levels up online shopping with Virtual Shopping

Global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, Klarna have announced their Virtual Shopping offering, to better connect the online and in-store experience.

Customers will now be able to browse and purchase online with the aid of in-store experts who will be contacted through live chats and video calls. Retailers can now share photos and videos of new items or demo products from the store to customers at home.

Klarna says this will in turn drive brand engagement and loyalty while also reducing return rates. Through the Virtual Shopping experience, Klarna ensures customers will receive the same social interaction and level of customer service physical stores offer and online shopping lacks.

“With Virtual Shopping, we replicate the brick-and-mortar experience of receiving personalised advice from an in-store expert and bring it to the online realm,” says David Sandström, Chief Markting Officer at Klarna.

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“This will empower our partnered retailers around the world to bring the online stores to life and build customer relationships that last,” he adds.

For customers, the Virtual Shopping experience will help customers become confident in their purchasing decisions.

Klarna says consumers are up to 21 times more likely to make a purchase after speaking with an in-store expert online compared to when left unassisted, while also increasing customer lifetime value.

In a report held by Klarna, customers expressed their preference for shopping in physical stores due to the level of social interaction and customer service, compared to online shopping.

Customers shared that the online experience prevents them from knowing whether the product is true to size, fit or colour, without seeing it up close to touch it or try it on.

Over 300 brands have started using Klarna’s Virtual Shopping experience.

Nowadays, customers are searching for the same level of service provided in-store when shopping online, with 40 percent of Australians surveyed sharing that they think online shops should offer more personalised services.

The Virtual Shopping addition will be able to solve these needs for customers and deliver a “true omnichannel experience” for retailers alongside their online stores.

Retailers will be able to connect with shoppers through text, chat and video and can make personalised recommendations, schedule in-store appointments or just stay in touch.

Retailers will also have access to insights into the interactions and sales, which enables them to improve on their entire retail strategy.

Over 300 brands, including Levi’s, Hugo Boss and Herman Miller have already started using the Virtual Shopping tool on their online storefront, transforming into a true omnichannel experience.

Virtual Shopping is now available to Klarna’s full retailer network.

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