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How Shosha became one of the largest NZ retailers in a decade


In just 10 years, Shosha vape store has grown to become one of the largest retailers in New Zealand, recently opening its 100th store.

Now with over 680 staff, Shosha is one of the largest retailers, alongside The Warehouse and Countdown, as the vaping and e-cigarette industry grows rapidly.

Nabhik Gupta, Director of Operations at Shosha said there is “no secret” to their success, citing demand as the reason for the businesses rapid growth since it began in 2012.

“There was a need, and with tobacco as one of the most addictive things for Kiwis, customers started considering vapes as a healthier option,” he says.

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He adds that the main reason for their success is because Shosha keeps up with industry innovations as the market grows.

“We aren’t trying to sell one product for eight years. If there is no such thing as anything exciting and new the business will not be here,” he says.

Gupta adds that if Shosha stepped into 2022 with the same three or four vaping products they introduced when they began, the company would not have seen the same rapid growth.

Shosha Director of Operations
Nabhik Gupta.

Shosha originally began selling products heavily influenced by the Middle Eastern shisha culture.

However, when e-cigarettes were first introduced to the world, the team at Shosha went overseas and brought them back to New Zealand.

Since then, customers began choosing vapes over tobacco, sharing their success stories and through word-of-mouth Shosha was able to grow a loyal customer base, says Gupta.

“Hundreds of thousands of smokers are coming to us each year, looking for an alternative to the harm caused by cigarettes.

“We know that the smoking cessation journey is difficult for those wanting to quit, we have a responsibility to our customers to ensure we continue to innovate and meet new standards, which means our customers can rely on us to have only the safest products and the most up-to-date information on industry best practice,” he adds.

With the success of Shosha in New Zealand over the past few years, the company has expressed an interest in heading over to Australia earlier in 2020 after its online presence grew.

Gupta says that along with the brick-and-mortar stores, Shosha’s e-commerce site ships “thousands” of products, with thousands more sent to Australia on a daily basis.

“Our expansion plan is designed to be part of their smoke free journey and providing more convenient local access in all areas helps people quit,” he says. However, due to Covid-19, the company had to halt plans to expand over the Tasman and decided to solely focus on New Zealand. Despite borders reopening, Gupta says Shosha will continue to focus on their domestic audience for now.

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