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Covid-19 prompts Kiwis to shop local

Ninety-six percent of New Zealanders are making it a priority to shop locally after the Covid-19 pandemic according to a recent survey.

More than 7000 New Zealanders responded to the survey run by Stuff’s neighbourhood website, Neighbourly, which focused on shopping habits such as sustainable and local shopping.

In terms of shopping behaviour, nearly all the residents who took part said shopping locally is “extremely important”, with 96 percent deeming it as “important”.

Sixty-five percent of Kiwis say they shop for local products when they can, with 31 percent shopping local for some products.

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Fifty-four percent of everyone surveyed said they are making efforts to shop local, with females being most likely to prioritise it.

Creator of popular Instagram page, @shoplocal.nz, Lisa Buscomb says the Covid-19 pandemic “really highlighted” the importance of shopping local and how many small businesses there are in New Zealand.

“The more we can support businesses in our own country and keep the money here, the more we can continue to grow and thrive as a nation,” she says.

Buscomb adds that the shop local movement in New Zealand became more popular due to the shipping delays caused by the pandemic and the boom in online shopping.

“People also wanted to support other Kiwis,” she adds.

Survey respondents also reported some barriers to shopping locally, with 37 percent noting a lack of local shops and 12 percent saying it is too expensive however Buscomb says this “is not always the truth”.

“Sometimes yes, it is, but when you buy from a small business owner they have a high level of quality with every product, the products are unique and there is time and care invested.

“When you shop local you can be confident you are spending wisely, there is value in your purchase and you are supporting a family and wider community,” she adds.

For people who are unable to make a purchase immediately, Buscomb says following and interacting with their social media will help make a difference.

“When you buy from a small local business, you are not only purchasing the product or service but also their hopes, dreams and passions.”

Lisa Buscomb Shop Local
Lisa Buscomb.

Compared to the rest of the country, Auckland is considered to be at the forefront of the shop local movement, with 62 percent of Aucklanders claiming to be making it a “priority” to purchase items locally.

This is followed by Taranaki at 57 percent, Bay of Plenty at 56 percent, Hawke’s Bay at 55 percent, Waikato and Northland at 53 percent, Canterbury at 52 percent, Nelson at 50 percent, Wellington at 49 percent and Southland, Otago and Manawatū and Whanganui at 47 percent.

Older New Zealanders are highly likely to be supporting local with 77 percent of respondents over the age of 75 recording that shopping locally is “very important” to them.

Out of all the local shops that New Zealanders can support, local cafes and restaurants are the most popular option. Fifty-eight percent of the people surveyed say they support local businesses by going to a café or restaurant.

This is then followed by fruit and vegetable stores at 56 percent, dairies at 47 percent, a local hardware store at 45 percent, a bakery at 44 percent, a beauty therapist at 42 percent, and an auto shop at 34 percent.

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