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Kiwis spend over $400 million during Easter weekend

Retailers were as busy as the Easter bunny as New Zealanders spent over $400 million across the country during the long weekend.

As New Zealand headed into the orange setting of the Covid-19 protection framework just before the Easter long weekend, retailers and hospitality have seen an increase in customers.

Leader of local payments, EFTPOS and transactional services company, Worldline recorded a 12 percent increase in retail since 2019 in the seven days leading up to Easter Monday on April 18.

It is reported that the long weekend spending levels were on par with numbers seen in 2021, however it is eight percent above the pre-Covid Easter long weekend of 2019.

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From Friday to Monday in the long weekend, Auckland/Northland region recorded over $148 million in transactions, a decrease by one percent since 2021 but an increase of seven percent since 2019.

New Zealanders spend over $400 million over the long Easter weekend.

This was then followed by Canterbury, recording $44 million in transactions, a three percent increase from 2021 and a 10 percent increase from 2019.

The region with the lowest record of transactions was the West Coast region, which recorded $3.7 million. But they recorded a one percent increase from 2021 and a six percent increase from 2019.

In total, New Zealander’s spent $419.4 million over the Easter long weekend.

Saturday, April 16, was considered the busiest shopping day for retail. For the Auckland and Northland region, Worldline recorded an increase of 10% since the year before in 2021, rising from $6 million to $64.7 million.

Other regions in New Zealand have seen a large increase in retail spending as people travelled away from the larger centres for the Easter break.

Taranaki recorded the highest growth since 2021, with an eight percent increase since 2021 and a 26 percent increase since 2019. They recorded over $10 million in transactions over the weekend.

The West Coast region recorded the highest Saturday-to-Saturday jump for smaller regions as they record a 57 percent increase at $500k. This was followed by Wairarapa with a 37 percent increase at $600k.

Worldline says that the regions recording the highest year-on-year retail growth over the Easter long weekend are regions in the lower half of the North Island.

However, despite an increase in retail, Worldline reports spending at hospitality is down seven percent since 2019 but an increase on the decline the country has seen in the past eight months since Covid-19 lockdown that started in August 2021. Worldline says this is the gradual recovery in the hospitality industry as the gap between pre-Covid spending in 2019 and now is narrowing.

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