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AirClad X launches into the New Zealand marketplace

At a time when live events have been off the radar, it’s great to see a new player come to the market with a fantastic new solution for temporary structures to support retailers and their offerings.

AirClad X have decided to take the New Zealand event space market by storm, offering new architecturally-led portable event and retail spaces, not seen before.

Over the past 12 months the team has negotiated exclusive rights to distribute AirClad X pop-up event structures throughout New Zealand. This modern and unique event space system was created in the UK over seven years ago, born out of a project with Puma and the Volvo Ocean race.

AirClad X structures are designed and produced primarily for the events, marketing and retail industries but are able to be installed and used in a range of environments. The structures are modular, flat-packed systems that can be built to a variety of sizes and configurations.

The portability of the structures allows them to be erected in the most challenging of spaces and locations.

Taking the lead role in AirClad X New Zealand is Rich Adams, well known in both the UK and NZ Events and Experiential industries, for developing ground-breaking large-scale events. Having worked with Orange Productions, NZME and BrandSpanking, Adams realised early on that AirClad X was just the solution that many New Zealand businesses were looking for.

“AirClad X enables clients to set up event spaces, pop up retail or experiential spaces anywhere they like, but offer a more premium solution than traditional fabric marquee style spaces. AirClad X is faster to set up, easier to brand and delivers a much more memorable experience for the visitor,” Adams says.

He is joined by a very experienced leadership team that has been at the forefront of event production for several years.

Dean Long delivers creative design experience having worked both here and in South Africa on some big brand campaigns.

Stan Tuhipa manages the production side of things, ensuring that each space is set up right and looks good. Stuart McNeil has been involved in running successful exhibition and display businesses over the past 20 years and joins the team to add even greater operational experience to the team.

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