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Scoop and weigh refillery announces same-day delivery in Auckland

Pantry focused grocer GoodFor has launched same-day delivery in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.

In a bid to reduce waste one less piece of plastic at a time, GoodFor opened in 2017 with a refreshed model of package-free shopping. Fast forward to today and the scoop and weigh refillery has six physical stores nationwide, plus a bustling online store – which has announced same-day delivery in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Making sustainable shopping easy, lucky Aucklanders can now receive free same-day delivery with orders arriving on doorsteps within hours in compostable zip-lock bags to keep everything fresh.

The introduction of a same-day delivery service allows the time-poor, busy or isolating customers to continue to shop consciously by filling and refilling their pantry and household goods without wasteful and unnecessary packaging.

Ensuring the product is better for customers and the environment alike, approximately 80 percent of the GoodFor range is certified organic, with the team striving to source ingredients locally wherever possible.

GoodFor also stocks an extensive range of sustainable lifestyle products, further supporting those on a journey to build a life based on the philosophy of consuming less, consuming quality and thinking about the next generation. Better still, for every purchase made in-store or online, a contribution is made to planting native New Zealand trees right here in our own backyard that their customers actually help plant.

Research suggests GoodFor is part of a not-so-quiet consumer revolution, with findings from a Kantar showing 86 percent of Kiwis are prepared to change the retailers they buy from in order to be more sustainable. And with conscious consumerism only set to rise the future looks bright for the refillery.

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Managing Director James Denton says he launched the refillery with a clear mission to elevate package-free shopping into an enjoyable, convenient experience.

“Our mission is to create an inspiring shopping experience that helps minimise the environmental impact shoppers have without jeopardizing budget, convenience or quality.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to helping more kiwis shop this way through a growing online demand. This latest extension is only the start of what we have in mind”

Demand for their same-day delivery service followed the success of their nationwide delivery service which launched in 2019.

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