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Boxing Day sales extend NZ’s record pre-Christmas spending spree

Total 2021 pre-Christmas spending lifts 6.9 percent on 2020, while Boxing Day retail specials remain popular.

Kiwi shoppers spent a record $5.2B at retail stores in the six weeks prior to Christmas in 2021 and nearly $100m on Boxing Day, according to figures released by Worldline.  

Following a year that was marked by lockdowns and travel restrictions across borders around New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland, spending at core retail merchants nationwide in the critical pre-Christmas period of 2021 was up 6.9 percent on 2020 – a new record for this merchant group within Worldline NZ’s payments network.

Meanwhile, spending nationally through Worldline’s core retail merchants (excluding hospitality) reached $98m on Boxing Day, a level that was slightly below last year (-1 percent) and slightly above the pre-Covid levels of 2019 (+0.5 percent).

“Our figures year-on-year continue to show that Boxing Day is a popular day with shoppers,” says Worldline’s Head of Data, George Putnam.

“It is normal to see spending drop on a Sunday, so to see almost $100m of transactions processed through this group of core retail merchants yesterday shows the record pre-Christmas spending trend that we saw this year is not over yet.

“Boxing Day has been surpassed in recent years by Black Friday sales in late November and it has always been less than the frenzied shopping of the last few days before Christmas Day, but it remains a key day for many merchants in our network – and a day of specials looked forward to by shoppers.”

Boxing Day spending at core retail stores in Worldline’s network did reach new highs for the day in five regions, led by Wairarapa (+7 percent on 2020) and Wellington (+5 percent). Spending was above year-ago and pre-Covid levels in eight of the 17 Worldline regions.

Spending declines on the day were noticeable in Gisborne (-14 percent), West Coast (-12 percent) and Otago (-6 percent). Spending in eight of the 17 regions was below the pre-Covid levels of 2019.

WORLDLINE All Cards underlying* spending for Core Retail merchants excluding Hospitality on Boxing Day
Regiontransactions $millionsAnnual % change on 2020Annual % change on 2019
Hawke’s Bay2.82%1%
Palmerston North2.71%6%
West Coast0.5-12%-21%
South Canterbury1.44%-3%
New Zealand98.0-1%0%

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