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Live fast, shop slow: A call for consciousness from newly launched fashion platform

With over 27 percent of women shopping for clothes at least once a week, newly launched fashion platform calls for consumer & industry change with their campaign against consumption

Found by Maverix is a new fashion destination collaborating with innovative sustainable designers, championing conscious buying choices, and working to break the current fast fashion model.

Launching with a campaign built around the detrimental impact of overconsumption, Found by Maverix asks, ‘what’s your lifetime item?’, applauding other designers and brands for creating garments that are repeatedly worn and cherished.

Frustrated with the lack of ‘slow fashion’ destinations and demanding greater transparency behind garments, co-founders Ellie Richards and Madi Rouse searched for a fashion platform that would do the vetting work for them.

While researching the buying habits of women across the world, the pair found that just over 1 in 4 women (27.6 percent) shop for clothes at least once a week.

“We were shocked with that statistic, we know there’s a disconnect as a buyer but shopping should be more than ordering an item online and it arriving at your doorstep.

“We don’t have an understanding of how our garments are made, we need production and supply chain transparency but frankly it’s hard to find this, ” says Rouse.

“We saw a need for a fashion destination to do this work for customers, a place that shoppers knew shared their same values and ethos, stocking pieces by designers that were working towards industry change.”

Found by Maverix curates differently from other retail boutiques. Intending to ‘shake up’ traditional fashion buying habits, Richards and Rouse select pieces that are ‘made to last’ and ‘seasonless’, choosing items that can work well with any existing wardrobe.

“Fast fashion and overconsumption are choking our planet. The best thing we can do to combat this is continue to wear what’s already in our wardrobes. We support every garment as a lifetime item,” says Richards.

Unique in its selection of designers and pieces, the platform works with well-known designers such as London’s House of Sunny and emerging brands like Permanent Vacation & Flamingo’s Life.

“Our pieces are individualistic, powerful and beautiful. We’re embracing slower production schedules, small-batch collections and zero waste designs, with the intention of reducing textile waste,” says Richards

“We truly believe that choosing sustainable clothing doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style, and that’s evident in our collection. We’re not into trends, fashion for us is a feeling of empowerment.

“The designers we work with are creating in incredible ways; they share the vision and are motivated for change. They deserve to be supported, and their efforts highlighted”, says Rouse.

Following the return of retail shopping and in the lead up to Christmas, Found by Maverix challenges us to consider our purchasing decisions, calling for a bold community of consumers.

“We want to create a community of like-minded individuals who are living fast and shopping slow. We want people to feel empowered to choose what makes them and the planet feel good,” comments Rouse. 

“We don’t know everything, nor do we expect consumers to, but living sustainably can be as simple as reconsidering how, what, and why you’re buying.

‘We believe that we all need to be rebels with a cause, prepared to work for change and the sake of the planet. We hope Found by Maverix can become a destination to make this possible,” concludes Richards.

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