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Levi’s and Depop have come together to inspire Kiwis to upcycle

 Levi’s, the leader in denim, and Depop, the community-powered marketplace app to buy and sell unique fashion, have come together to reimagine timeless Levi’s styles for next-gen Aussies and Kiwi’s.

The two brands who have shared values in sustainable fashion, have tasked some of Australia’s top Depop creators to customise and upcycle Levi’s vintage garments for resale exclusively on Depop. Defined by circular economy creativity, this new partnership with local creators focuses on repairing, reimagining and recycling Levi’s that are made to last with high quality and durability, and supports Levi’s’ and Depop’s joint mission to make clothes last for longer. 

From today, three of Depop’s innovative creators @premiumzoo, @exxy and @furrylittlepeach will offer Australians and New Zealanders the opportunity to purchase their unique, one-of-a-kind, customised and reworked denim pieces via their Depop shops. On offer will be a mix of re-worked Levi’s 501 jeans and Trucker jackets in a wide range of sizes. Premium Zoo has bright colour tie dye, patchwork and paint incorporated in her designs, Exxy brings airbrushed abstract design with patchwork and screen printing, while Furry Little Peach showcases colourful motifs to denim.

From patchwork with old scraps from other garments to painting and bleaching, the Levi’s denim has new life breathed into it, creating truly unique pieces that incorporate styles currently trending on Depop. A further stockpile of Levi’s vintage garments will also be available on each creator’s Depop shop for fans to get their hands on and continue to extend the life of these pieces. 

“These re-imagined Levi’s pieces crafted by young local creators who are all unique in their style, is a true representation of self-expression, which is what Levi’s has always stood for through the generations,” says Trent Bos, Head of Marketing at Levi’s ANZ.

“We want to encourage everyone to buy better and wear longer. Breathing new life into old garments, while remaining timeless and relevant in both fit and style, is just one of the ways that you can contribute to more sustainable fashion.”

Steve Dool, Head of Brand Partnerships at Depop says the company aims to reshape fashion consumption by promoting and celebrating circularity.

“Levi’s is a global leader in the sustainable fashion space. By partnering with them and bringing in creatives from the Depop community to produce amazing, unique pieces we’re not only celebrating individual style but also connecting with a community who care about a more circular future.” 

Earlier this year, Levi’s launched its Buy Better, Wear Longer global initiative and its latest research on apparel consumption in New Zealand. The research was commissioned to coincide with the initiative which raised awareness about the shared responsibility on the environmental impacts of apparel production and consumption. It revealed over to one in three (37.6%) kiwis currently own between 50-200 pieces of clothing items. Of all the clothes we own, only half (49.2%) of them are being worn regularly. 

It’s been estimated, the global fashion industry creates 20% of the planet’s total water pollution, and 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions1. By 2030 the global clothing and textile industry is expected to use 50% more water, emit 63% more GHGs and produce 62% more waste than it did in 20152. Levi’s is not exempt from the problem and as a leader in denim and fashion, it is on a mission to change the clothing industry – for good. 

Claim your very own customised Levi’s vintage denim pieces on Depop. Prices start at $60 AUD, available from 10 November 2021 for a limited time.

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