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Drink up: Honest launches cocktails in a can

In just a year canned cocktails have gone from average to delicious. This improvement is namely due to advancements in packaging, which has meant leading craft distillers are now able to can a well-balanced, fresh-tasting and portable cocktail.

Jumping on the trend is locally made Honest who (also in just a year) have created a cult following with their botanically infused rum. The leading brand now extends their offering by launching a summer-inspired, Six Spiced Rum, Ginger Beer, Mint & Lime canned cocktail, available November.

“Six Spiced & Ginger cocktails have always been a personal and fan favourite,” says Dave Lincoln, co-founder of Honest Rum. “It’s also more unique than the current market offering, with a very strong natural ginger flavour profile, plus it’s the only locally made canned rum around.“

Honest Six Spiced Rum, Ginger Beer, Mint & Lime $24.99 are sold in a home compostable 6pack box While co-founders Dave and Luke, are staunch advocates for freshly made tipples, they understand making cocktails from scratch can mean fretting over ingredients and tools, and canned cocktails are a one-stop option.

“Of course a can means you miss the ritual and atmosphere of freshly made cocktails, but you can alleviate this by serving your can with ice, glassware and fresh garnishes. Not to mention the fact that sundowners are now vastly improved with this canned top-shelf classic,” says co-founder, Luke Jones.

Along with an exceptional taste, Honest stands out with its distinctive can design. Featuring an illustration by the brand’s good friend Blake Scott and harnessing the undeniable power of good typeface, Honest’s new Six Spiced Rum, Ginger Beer, Mint & Lime is a proud addition to any chilly bin.

Honest was founded by good mates and top-shelf enthusiasts Luke and Dave, who used the opportune time of lockdown 2020 to incubate the business idea.

As their brand name suggests, Honest was founded on a commitment to being transparent, which includes environmental responsibility and their new cans are sold in home compostable boxes.

Honest has also partnered with Ekos, the internationally recognised leaders in innovative environmental financing – Honest calculates and offsets all carbon emissions, which accredits them to be a certified carbon zero business.

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