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Have we got brews for you: Kombucha brand Good Buzz unveils brand refresh

With a new CEO at the helm, Kombucha brand Good Buzz has just completed its brand refresh, unveiling a fresh new look across its entire range of organic kombucha.

To further celebrate the full rebrand, Good Buzz is adding a new kombucha to its range. Unlike its otherwise fruiter line-up, the new Natural option will deliver the taste profile of pure kombucha.

And the Good news doesn’t stop there. For those that enjoy their brew on the go, Good Buzz kombucha will also be available to buy in a four-pack slimline can this Summer – and because it doesn’t have to be kept cold, it makes for the perfect accompaniment for barbeques, a day at the beach or fishing on the boat with mates.

Good Buzz kombucha is Bio Grow certified, New Zealand’s leading organic certification, reflecting the company’s commitment to organic ingredients and practices. As a small and passionate team, the Good Buzz crew is incredibly proud of their hand-crafted kombucha that’s born and brewed in New Zealand (Tauranga to be exact).

When Christensen first heard about the CEO opening he jumped at the chance, knowing there was a tonne of potential yet to be untapped.

“The brand’s refresh is to ensure drinkers of our Kombucha were clear with what stands us apart at the point of purchase.

“You only have a short period of time to grab someone’s attention and we wanted people to know we are born and brewed in New Zealand, organic and made in the traditional way.”

Good Buzz CEO, Ryan Christensen

The new brand design came about by having two mechanics to tie it all together “Mature Playfulness” and “Balance with White”.

“We wanted the wave mechanic to tie the bottle together and when together on shelf looked like part of one brand. The white part of our logo ensures our branding reflects the clean but playful style of our Kombucha.”

Refreshing a brand comes with its challenges, and Christensen said one challenge faced was communicating that Good Buzz was not changing anything about the product itself.

“We want to highlight what’s so good about our product not change the recipe. I think with any rebrand of packaging it is hard to communicate that the liquid remains untouched. 

“We choose to use only organic ingredients and choose not to use natural sweeteners to make Kombucha in the traditional way. Good Buzz Kombucha is for a consumer who wants to buy locally made authentic product usually the best organic ingredients.”

At the moment the company is looking at different Kombucha customers to ensure it gets its offering right. Within the range there is the large 888ml bottles for at home and sharing, 328ml bottles for on the go or in cafes, the new 250ml can for picnics, and now the new A Series for a premium offering with locally sourced ingredients and a savoury finish. 

Christensen believes kombucha has become significantly popular in recent years as more people are making better choices in regards to their health.

“Customers are wanting something that has an added benefit or helps fit into their active lifestyle. I believe the reason for Good Buzz’s success in this space is that not only do we have all the benefits, we make a delicious drink.”

Looking forward Christensen hopes Good Buzz can transition into a company that makes all styles of delicious drinks that support an active lifestyle.

“Our goal under the Good Buzz brand is to not only have Kombucha but a wide range of beverages made authentically and locally that help people live better lives. 

“Our customers love that we are fun, light hearted and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are just a small 10 person operation in Tauranga so I think people love supporting something local!”

Good Buzz is now available to purchase nationwide from New World, Pak n Save, Four Square stores, as well as select cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms and health stores.

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