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What the Hell? Domino’s launches Pizza Roulette just in time for Halloween

Domino’s has gone over to the dark side this Halloween, taking a ‘slice of the spice’ by releasing its very own Halloween Pizza Roulette. The new Halloween Pizza Roulette will be available from Monday (25 October). 

For one week only, brave customers can take the Pizza Roulette challenge and ‘treat’ themselves to Domino’s Reaper Chilli Sauce for free* on any pizza on the menu. 

The trick? We’re not going to tell you which slice it’s hiding on! 

“Pizza Roulette isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that we know Kiwi’s love. That’s why, this Halloween, we’re launching our very own Pizza Roulette and we’re turning up the heat by using the hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper,” Domino’s NZ General Manager Cameron Toomey said. 

Surprisingly fruity and sweet, the Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper tops out on the Scoville Scale at a blazing 2.2 million. That’s why, when you select Domino’s Pizza Roulette, your pizza comes with a warning label! 

“We know New Zealand is a nation full of thrill-seekers, so why not celebrate Halloween in the hottest way possible? Choosing your next slice becomes a whole new experience when you don’t know which one is possessed with heat. It’s sure to give your tastebuds an experience they’ll never forget!” 

We’ll be saying ‘RIP’ to Pizza Roulette on 31 October 2021, so gather your friends (or your enemies), and take the challenge… if you dare! 

If you’d rather enjoy a ‘treat’ this Halloween, then download the Domino’s App and enjoy one of seven ‘sweet as’ deals which will be shared daily from Monday 25 October 2021. No tricks, just treats. 

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