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Anchor launches a ‘Taste of Home’, celebrating the old, and new, tastes of NZ

Anchor has launched its new brand platform, ‘A Taste of Home’ with a fully integrated brand campaign to give Kiwis the ‘feeling of home’ no matter where they are. 

The platform acknowledges Anchor’s role in New Zealand home life for more than 130 years, but also captures its enduring role to this day, through telling a modern Kiwi story, which is something Anchor is well-known for through historic brand campaigns like the Anchor family.

The new Anchor Taste of Home brand platform focuses on home: encompassing the togetherness of Kiwis; the physical place where we feel comfort and support; and our love and appreciation for New Zealand.  

“It’s been six years since Anchor Masterbrand has been on-air and as a brand that’s sat on the kitchen benches and dining tables of our homes since 1886, the new platform needed to clearly communicate the role the brand plays in our everyday lives,” says Mike Boness, Marketing Director at Fonterra Brands New Zealand.

“For Anchor, this means championing the feeling of home for all Kiwis, however, they define it and its importance of connecting us to what is most important – home.”

To bring ’A Taste of Home’ to life, Anchor launched the platform with a 30” TVC to tell a heartfelt story, injecting the warmth into the Anchor brand.  Celebrating the Kiwi tradition of a school-shared lunch, hero character Dev brings a traditional Indian dessert – Kalakand – to school and anxiously awaits the outcome. The story is emotive and very relatable but underneath it runs a really powerful and important social message of inclusion and acceptance.

Shane Bradnick, CCO of TBWA says, “Anchor is an iconic brand that has been part of New Zealand homes since 1886 – ‘A Taste of Home’ as a creative platform acknowledges and celebrates the important place Anchor holds in all Kiwis – old and new – hearts and homes. We are really proud of the teams who have worked so hard to produce this first chapter in the new Anchor story.’ 

The agency network that has bought this campaign to life includes TBWA, Mediacom, Pead, Raydar, and Digital Arts Network (D.A.N). 

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