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TheMarket & 1-day donate emergency essential goods to support mothers in need

Online shopping retailers, TheMarket and 1-day, have donated hundreds of essential items towards assistance boxes in response to an emergency request from The Mum’s Clique – a not for profit charity that supports mothers throughout New Zealand that are experiencing some form of hardship.

Due to Lockdown, The Mum’s Clique is experiencing a surge in demand for their assistance boxes that provide critical items to mothers in need, such as nappies, blankets, personal care items, pre-packaged food, and toys, among others. TheMarket and 1-day donated almost 500 essential items to support these packages, including coffee, toothpaste, and personal toiletries.

Abbey Fouché, Founder & Trustee of The Mum’s Clique says these boxes send a message of love and support to mothers who are currently struggling. 

“To give you an indication of the crisis we are experiencing right now, we normally send approximately 500 assistance boxes a month. Over the first seven days of this lockdown we have sent 862 at a cost of over $86,500. This number is rising further every single day.

“We are so humbled by the generous support we have received from TheMarket and 1-day to help us meet the astronomical demand” says Fouché.

TheMarket CEO Justus Wilde is grateful that they can lend a hand to The Mum’s Clique, commenting: “It is critical that vulnerable kiwis can access essential items in their time of need, and we hope that these items, including a few additional self-care ones like a face mask, can help relieve some stress and let receivers know that someone cares.” 

During lockdown, TheMarket provides Kiwis with access to essential items without needing to leave the house. To say thanks to those working in essential services, TheMarket activated a special code for frontline workers to receive 10 percent off their order. 

For more information, or to donate to The Mum’s Clique, visit here.

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