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Talking Shop: Everything retailers need to know right now

As we roll into our third week of lockdown, with Alert Level 3 expected for south of the Auckland border for at least a week from tonight, Retail NZ is here to bring clarity around how businesses can operate.

Wage Subsidy

A new Wage Subsidy will be available from 3 September. The Government hasn’t yet released details, but its is reasonable to assume it will be a rollover of the current arrangement. Note that the Wage Subsidy applies at an enterprise level, so if your store are owned by a single entity, you’ll need to be 40 percent down across the whole business to qualify. You can’t claim the Wage Subsidy for employees in your Auckland sites only, unless your whole business meets the 40 percent threshold.

Be aware that MSD requires you to have considered alternatives to the Wage Subsidy and that you keep a record of what you have done.

Travel across the Level 4 / Level 3 border

Only essential workers employed in Level 4 businesses can cross the border between Auckland and the rest of the country. If you have staff who need to cross the border, they will require a permit from Government. The eligible business categories, types of travel permitted and link to start an application through Business Connect are available here.

What can I sell if I am located in Level 4?

At Level 4, Auckland and Northland businesses can only sell essential goods via contactless delivery. This includes goods being sold to customers in a Level 3 area.

What can I sell if I am located in Level 3?

At Level 3, the rest of New Zealand can sell all types of product online to any customer, including those in a Level 4 area. If your customers in in Level 4, you must arrange for contactless delivery, but in a Level 3 area, you can also offer contactless click and collect.

Can freight move?

All freight is able to move, be delivered, and be unpacked, at Level 4 and Level 3.

Will anything change?

There has been speculation in the media about the possibility of tighter rules applying at Alert Level 4. These suggestions are not Government policy, and nothing has changed regarding the Level 4 rules.

Retail NZ is here for you, bringing you this vital information.

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