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Last minute cap on deliveries causing distress for thousands of Kiwis

Last minute notification that courier deliveries will be capped from this morning is causing significant distress for thousands of customers – according to one of the country’s largest specialty retailers.

Nabhik Gupta, spokesperson for Shosha, says they received advice from their courier company late this afternoon that the courier firm would only pick up 330 parcels each day until further notice.

He says they are considered an essential service provider and this cap represents a small fraction of their total daily order volumes.

“Under currently lockdown constraints our network of stores are only allowed to trade online. 

“We now have large volumes of customers around NZ who are unable to access smoking cessation products,” he says.

Gupta is calling for a new system that takes into account the level of mental health and medical risk some people face to ensure they receive parcels from essential services as a priority. 

“The short notice from our courier provider has meant we have been unable to secure alternative shipping arrangements for our urgent orders.

“This means thousands of Kiwis who depend on these products to support them in their smokefree journey are now unable to access them. 

“We currently have no visibility from our courier as to when normal services will be resumed,” he says.

Gupta says their many customers have already expressed their distress over the situation. 

“What we are hearing from our customers is real concern that their efforts to replace cigarettes are being undermined and they are anxious they may not be able to maintain their smoking cessation journey,” he says.

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