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The retail brands leading the way in social media strategy

Mosh Social Media’s 2021 New Zealand Facebook and Instagram Report has revealed the social strategies behind top Kiwi retail brands that are reaching thousands.

According to the report, in 2020 social media attracted over 110,000 new active users. In addition, 170,000 more online purchases were made in 2020 with 71 percent of Kiwis now shopping online.  

The report celebrates the Kiwi-owned brands that are leading online social media presence and engagement. The strategies behind several retail brands including Stolen Girlfriends Club, Glassons, Checks Downtown, Icebreaker and Kathmandu are broken down in the report.  

Homegrown retail giant, The Warehouse Group, is featured with over 259,981 Facebook Page likes as well as Mighty Ape, whose fan-first approach to social media has gained the Page over 400,533 likes. 

Co-founder of Mosh, Jon Randles, says these retail brands have a deep understanding of their audience.

“They have have shown us, that whatever you’re selling, the more you can understand and relate to your audience, the more effectively you’ll be able to communicate and interact.

“These retail brands particularly stood out for their creative and innovative approach to engaging social media content in what was an extremely challenging year. They stayed active and maintained engagement in a way that was sensitive and in tune with their customers’ needs. As a result, they outperformed and received a lot of brand love.” 

Social media is dictated now by pay-to-play algorithms, so retailers must be willing to put investment behind posts to make sure they’re seen by the right person at the right time. Randles says even a little bit goes a long way, start with $10 per post, and you’ll notice the changes in your engagement. 

“There is no excuse these days with the tools available to just blast your content to everybody and anybody. Retailers, large and small, now need a real understanding of their audience, and then from there to understand the tools that they have at their disposal to be able to target these audiences.”

Randles also advices retailers to be authentic to their audience, as users can sense a lack of authenticity from brands a mile away. 

The report is in its third year, and is the only one to provide an annual snapshot specifically of New Zealand’s social media marketing landscape. In compiling the findings, Mosh analysed cumulative data of over 24,164 Facebook Pages and over 11,674 Instagram accounts. 

“If there’s one thing that the chaos of 2020 taught us, you can’t ‘set-and-forget’ your content strategy as the world of social media moves quickly. Social media marketers also need to be ready to lift their content game too, the days of posting cheesy ads are over,” adds Randles.

The report’s other key findings include; 

  • On Facebook, live video viewing spiked by 50% during lockdown periods and Instagram Live went wild in 2020 as well, with usage increasing by 70% in a single month.
  • A snapshot of how the pandemic has and will continue to effect social media and internet usage in New Zealand, including the increased daily use of online shopping (170,000 up in 2020 from 2019) 
  • The top takeaways to learn from our highflying brands include the importance of telling your brand story and having a clear purpose 
  • The trends to be aware of as we look in 2022 such as the power of live, data privacy, identifying fake news and a new focus on owned media. 

Since 2009, Mosh has observed first-hand the trends coming forward on social media and has been able to assist its partners with staying ahead of trends, including the importance audiences are now placing on social video.

To read more about how our biggest brands are rigging their social media strategy to reach new audiences, read the full report here. 

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