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Sir Michael Hill reveals exclusive Designer Bridal Collection

Sir Michael Hill has recently unveiled his Designer Bridal Collection, inspired by three popular bridal styles: Modern Minimalist, Princess Bride, and Bohemian Romantic.

Each element within the Collection is sourced from accredited Responsible Jewellery Council members and crafted to the highest workmanship standards. Diamonds are individually hand-set by highly skilled craftsmen and finished with a laser inscription of Sir Michael Hill’s signature and a hidden pink sapphire for a unique touch.

“After being married for over 50 years, I believe it’s the little things that make the one you love unique. It’s the same with your engagement ring. You fall in love with the way it looks, how it sparkles on your finger, but it’s the tiny intricacies no one else knows about, that make it special,” says Sir Michael Hill.

The range features six stunning capsules catering to three key bridal styles: modern minimalist, bohemian romantic and princess bride. Amplifying these themes, the jewellery empire has joined forces with Anita Turner of Vinka Design, to showcase perfect ring and gown pairings for brides-to-be.

Turner says jewellery is the finishing touch that enhances both the bride and her gown, highlighting the beauty of both.

“Picking the correct bridal jewellery accentuates key elements of a gown’s fabric and design, as well as allowing the bride to make a powerful statement about her sense of style.

“Each of the bridal themes within this collaboration can be uniquely conceptualised, and that is something truly special to us. A dress that may seem sleek, modern and minimalistic with clean lines, can on the other hand inspire a sense of feminine romance when styled for a princess bride’s wedding.”

Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist Bride is a strong, chic and confident woman with a less is more aesthetic. She loves impeccable, clean lines and sleek, pared-back elegance. A modern halo or three-stone engagement ring, featuring either a classic round brilliant, modern emerald or oval cut diamond, paired with the Vinka Design Roma dress or Carmen gown makes for absolute perfection.

Princess Bride

The Princess Bride shines in the spotlight and has a true love for beauty, romance, and enchantment. She loves opulent, intricate and detailed designs, with beautiful feminine touches. Her dream gown is the Vinka Design Rema dress featuring beautiful embroidered and beaded lace, and layers of dreamy satin organza, fit for the grandest of celebrations. Pair this with a baroque, pear-shaped ring like the sparkling new Designer Halo ring, or Designer Art Deco ring from Michael Hill’s Designer Bridal Collection.

Bohemian Romantic

The Bohemian Romantic Bride is self-assured with an innate sense of style. Her taste is eclectic and unique, with a love for beautifully detailed pieces. Her ideal ring is likely to have delicate, lacy detailing, and nature-inspired shapes such as the new Designer Vintage Floral ring. Her ring choice would be perfectly complemented by the Vinka Design Sabine Dress that is created from delicate French crocheted lace, which falls with real softness. It features irresistible long lace sleeves for pure romance.

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