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$19bn retailer to open one of APAC region’s largest stores in NZ

New Zealand’s JD Sports store will be one of the brand’s largest in the Asia Pacific region when it opens here next month.

JD Sports is a $19bn athleisure retailer with over 2,600 stores internationally – including 33 locations across Australia.

The multinational retailer’s 850sqm Auckland store will be second only to their Sydney CBD store in size and will also be the first in the region to feature a new retail design adapted from their Paris and New York stores.

Hilton Seskin, JD Sports ANZ CEO, says the Sylvia Park store fitout and technology have been designed to proactively discourage Kiwi consumers from shopping overseas and retain sales within their domestic retail ecosystem.

He says the store design will include digital kiosks allowing customers to purchase international product lines directly from their global inventory pool.

“As a retailer we are looking at why Kiwis shop offshore and we know that is generally to access a wider product range not readily available to the consumer. 

“We have developed a retail model to help mitigate this, which means if there is something you cant find in store, a staff member will take you to a kiosk where you can shop online – giving you access to a significantly wider range of our global inventory. 

“By providing free shipping on these purchases we remove any incentive to buy from overseas retailers – which retains the economic benefits within NZ’s borders,” he says.

Seskin says the Sylvia Park store will carry over 10,000 stock units and over 1,000 product lines – including 500 exclusive items when it first opens in the fourth week of August.

“One of the biggest impacts JD has on a new market is its capability to grow the size of the category – with minimal cannibalisation across existing retailers.

“We have the ability to leverage the strength and buying power of a global giant which allows us to bring dedicated, genuinely exclusive lines to the market.

“The retail concept is also designed to elevate and energise the marketplace to give the consumer the best possible experience,” he says.

Seskin says they expect their performance and brand uptake in New Zealand to over-index given the offering is so well suited to the lifestyle of the NZ market.

“One of the trends that were already in place but has manifestly increased over the past year is the casualisation of dress; a movement which has been shaped not just by the rise of video conferencing but also by the millennial generation reflecting their desire for more work/life balance in the workplace.

“We also know that there is an existing identification with our global brand partners like adidas and Nike. The culture of basketball is huge within our business and really resonates with many NZ consumers in our target demographic. 

“Sport and music play an integral role in our brand DNA, and to show up authentically to the NZ consumer we know we need to localise, which is why we’re in the process of exploring opportunities in the market with various talent and codes,” he says.

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