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(Listen) Kiwis in Business podcast – Voice Cares

Kiwis in Business is a weekly podcast series featuring interviews with New Zealand business owners, brought to you by media professional and business owner, Linda Shackelford, and her guest hosts. Kiwis in business puts the spotlight on the stories and personalities of our Kiwi leaders – listen in as they share inspiring and sometimes quirky stories, their goals, learnings and challenges, and you gain insight into the innovation happening in businesses and communities around us.  

On this episode of Kiwis in Business, Linda is joined by Tessa Livingston – a voice specialist, professional speaker, speech pathologist, spiritual voice dabbler, actress, vocal coach and speech and drama teacher! This talented Southerner (who now calls Auckland home) is here to talk about why voice is so important and how she helps people find their authentic voice. Tessa loves how much our voice can say about us; where we are from, how we feel, as well as its ability to conceal us and keep us safe.

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