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(Listen) Kiwis in Business podcast – Sharesies

Kiwis in Business is a weekly podcast series featuring interviews with New Zealand business owners, brought to you by media professional and business owner, Linda Shackelford, and her guest hosts. Kiwis in business puts the spotlight on the stories and personalities of our Kiwi leaders – listen in as they share inspiring and sometimes quirky stories, their goals, learnings and challenges, and you gain insight into the innovation happening in businesses and communities around us.  

This week host Linda is in Wellington to catch up with Sonya Williams, a co-founder and CEO of Sharesies.

Sharesies is an online investment platform that makes it easy to invest and is one of the fastest-growing companies in New Zealand. Sonya and her team at Sharesies is driven to creating a financially-empowered generation. They created the business to ensure that someone with $5 has the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000. In this interview, Sonya shares her business journey of starting one of the most successful companies in New Zealand and talks about the company’s plans for the future. 

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