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Kiwi gift wrap company sees big spike in sales post-Covid

Auckland-based Ribbon & Blues owners, Jane and Tim Francis, are noticing a big spike in demand for their range of gift wrapping and packaging products as people lean towards buying items that are more meaningful to give.  

“One trend we’ve noticed post-COVID is that people are now more inclined to give gifts that are an enduring and lasting expression of care,” Jane says.

“There is a lot wrapped up in what someone gives to another person; it says something about you. The presentation, rather than being an afterthought, is now considered an expression of refinement with a personal touch.” 

Exchanging gifts is no longer limited to just birthdays or Christmas either. One of the biggest trends the pair has noticed since 2020 was a rise in the number of wedding and newborn baby gifts, as well as gifts for anniversaries, bridesmaid proposals, graduations, or just to say thank you or thinking of you.

This widening notion of who can present gifts to whom, is leading to new and unexpected clients for Ribbon & Blues. A plumbing business, for instance, recently sought out Ribbon & Blues’ products to wrap and present everyday products to their clients.  

“A pre-cast concrete company has just come to us for customised printed ribbon which really emphasises the trend of gifting at every level, across the board. There are no longer really any limitations about who is going next level with their presentation of gifts to promote their services and who they are in New Zealand.” 

Ribbon & Blues is the only New Zealand company to stock a range of printed grass wrapping paper – a sustainable and ethical product made in Germany. The company’s extensive range of ribbons, bags, boxes, wrapping paper, tissue and other associated accessories is also focused on being recyclable and biodegradable as consumers demand more environmentally-friendly options.  

Francis’ advice to corporate businesses wanting to send gifts to clients is to keep in mind the primary reason for doing so – to help cultivate stronger relationships. 

“The key is creating a personal connection by presenting something that is memorable and conveys an individual touch. What individuals and companies increasingly value in a business gift is that they are sustainable, eco-friendly and are locally sourced.”  

Ribbon & Blues has around 4000 different gift-wrapping and packaging products in stock, with new products being released most weeks to keep pace with fashion trends and new innovations.

“We certainly have something for all tastes,” Francis says. “Whether you want something elegant and eye-catching or completely over the top – let us help you make your mark.”

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