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AF Drinks launches head first into Dry July

AF Drinks, the alcohol-free drinks brand founded in 2020 by social enterprise entrepreneur Lisa King, has landed a nationwide distribution coup just in time for Dry July, including placement on Air New Zealand.

The range of five AF drinks, available in glass bottles and now cans, has landed a significant distribution contract with Countdown and is now available in 129 Countdown outlets around New Zealand. This is on top of AF being available in New World supermarkets, Farro Fresh sites and liquor stores nationwide.

Three AF Drinks, including two gin and tonics and a dark and stormy, will also be available on board Air New Zealand’s Koru Hour services, as well as on the Air NZ Airpoints store.

“Having three of our major premium supermarket brands as well as our national carrier support AF and our mission to help Kiwis have a better relationship with alcohol, especially in the month of Dry July, is truly amazing. AF recognises the growing need for better alcohol-free options, and to increase consumer confidence around not drinking,” says King.

AF’s venture into supermarkets demonstrates changing buying habits from consumers, as well as supermarkets actively increasing their offering of non-alcoholic beverages.

As part of AF’s July campaign it has created a unique ‘31 Pack’ consisting of 31 cans of varied flavours across the 5-flavour range. 31 Packs can be bought direct from af-drinks.com.

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