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Countdown assists supply partners with real time reporting

Countdown’s new Compass and Replenishment Reporting focuses on providing even more meaningful, real-time sales data for supply partners. 

The Compass app allows suppliers to do a historical review of the sales impact and can identify key sales trends by product and by store.

Steve Mills, Countdown’s General Manager Merchandise and Replenishment, says they are delighted to be able to give local suppliers even more information to support their sales.

“We have almost 4000 active users on the Compass app already and over the last year our supply partners have really embraced the valuable information that it provides,” says Mills.

“We’ve also had lots of feedback about how it could work even better, and the reporting tool is a direct result of that.”

The in-app reporting means Countdown’s supply partners can see where their actions are making a real impact, and when there might be a need to make some adjustments. For example if there’s a product flying off the shelves across a number of stores, the new reporting will be able to give a really detailed view of how long that’s been happening and why that might be happening in certain stores or on certain days.  

“We see this as an opportunity for all of us because lost sales are unsatisfied Countdown customers too. We all want customers to be able to find their favourite products on shelf when they want them,” says Mills.

Countdown first launched Compass in New Zealand in March 2020. Available for free on both ios and Android, it draws on historical sales patterns to calculate dynamic daily sales expectations for every product in every store. 

The app generates alerts for suppliers if sales drop below expectations, giving them the knowledge and opportunity to quickly identify and fix potential out-of-stocks or other issues.

The Compass app and Compass and Replenishment Reporting is free for suppliers to use. For more information, suppliers can get in touch with: Sharleen.Adams@countdown.co.nz

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