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Apprenticeship programme to boost retail careers

Retailers across New Zealand are embracing the opportunity to offer eligible staff an apprenticeship. 

The ServiceIQ Retail Apprenticeship provides employees with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a wide range of modern retail businesses and environments. 

“Apprenticeships are relatively new to retail, so it’s fantastic to see employers welcome the concept, demonstrating to all New Zealanders that retail is a robust and vital professional sector, full of opportunity and benefits for people wanting fulfilling jobs and rewarding careers,” says Andrew McSweeney, ServiceIQ Chief Executive.

“This is obvious, with more than 700 retail apprentices embarking on their training journey already this year.” 

Sales and business performance, team leadership, staff performance, applicable legislation, stock maintenance and loss prevention, and customer experience, service and complaints are just a few of the aspects the apprenticeship covers. The two-year on-job programme will also result in two New Zealand Certificate qualifications.

“The apprenticeship helps employees move along their chosen career pathway, building their skills and experience,” says McSweeney.

“At the same time, because the apprenticeship is fully on-job, the employer has increasingly skilled and talented employees working daily in its business.”

Because the apprenticeship is entirely workplace-based it is highly relevant to both the employer and the employee. However, because of the depth of training, it may not suit every employee in every workplace. 

For these cases, ServiceIQ (the sector’s Industry Training Organisation) has ensured there is a suite of retail training options available. Employers operating in retail, or the supply chain side, can choose from a range that covers short induction training; full New Zealand Certificate retail, distribution, team leadership, and management training programmes; as well as the apprenticeship. 

“It may be a surprise to many Kiwis that there is a retail apprenticeship, and such a comprehensive range of nationally recognised training and qualifications,” says Andrew McSweeney.

“It is less surprising when you discover that retail is about 14% of the economy from 76,000 retailers employing more than 427,000 people – more than 16% of all jobs.”

In the last 20 years, retail has never seen a negative job opening rate (new jobs plus openings in exisiting jobs), even in the midst of Covid last year.

For more information on the Retail Apprenticeship and other on-job training programmes visit here

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