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Future thinking: The Glenlivet launches world’s first edible cocktail range

Whisky brand The Glenlivet has taken innovation to the next level with its new capsule collection.

Created in partnership with key innovators and mixology experts, the limited-edition capsules offer a new and unique way to drink whisky, using an edible casing that dissolves in the mouth.

Made from seaweed extract, the flavourless casing is a renewable resource that biodegrades faster than fruit peel.

“The Glenlivet is on a mission to open the world of single malts to all by throwing away the rulebook that has governed the drinking of whisky for centuries and inspiring people to think, and drink differently when it comes to their whisky,” says Jack Potter, The Glenlivet ambassador.

“There are plenty of ways you can enjoy your whisky – neat, on the rocks, mixed – and now, this groundbreaking whisky ritual will help talk to new ways to enjoy whisky and reinforce that it’s okay to mix single malts, because after all, The Glenlivet tradition is breaking traditions.”

From June 1, participating bars across New Zealand are giving away two complimentary capsules with any The Glenlivet cocktail purchased from their limited edition menu.

For further information go to theglenlivet.com

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