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When the going gets tough: Whittaker’s named NZ’s most resilient brand

Branding agency Principals has identified Whittaker’s as New Zealand’s most resilient brand.

The findings are based on the Brand Alpha Study, independent research conducted by Principals, in conjunction with research and analytics firm The Navigators.

Conducted annually for more than 10 years, the study has traditionally sought the opinion of New Zealand consumers around four key drivers of authenticity: visibility, value, vitality, and virtue. Due to the pandemic, this year the research shifted focus to look at resilience.

“We wanted to form an understanding of how brands survive a crisis and stay strong over time. What makes them resilient, in the eyes of Kiwis,” says Principals Insights Director, Mary Winter.

First, qualitative research was conducted via an online community to determine what resilience means. The definition that emerged was a combination of integrity and adaptability. Study participants were then asked to identify which brands meet the challenges of the changing world, adapt quickly in the face of change, and act with integrity.

The study found the following brands to be most resilient:

The Brand Alpha 2021 Top 20 Most Resilient Brands

  1. Whittaker’s
  2. All Blacks
  3. ecostore
  4. PAK’n SAVE
  5. My Food Bag
  6. Toyota
  7. New World
  8. Lewis Road Creamery
  9. Countdown
  10. Wattie’s
  11. Trade Me
  12. Tip Top
  13. Zoom
  14. Air New Zealand
  15. Netflix
  16. Farmers
  17. Fisher & Paykel
  18. All Birds
  19. Fonterra
  20. Pals

“Resilience is being able to stick it out when things are tough – being true to yourself and being aware of how to keep going rather than giving up or letting standards slip,” says Winter.

“Whittaker’s is a great example of a resilient brand. Whittaker’s is great at what it does and is also extremely agile in terms of flavour innovation and partnering with other iconic Kiwi brands such as L&P and Garage Project.”

Winter also pointed out that supermarkets have a strong presence in the top 10.

“Supermarkets rose to the challenge of lockdowns during Covid and demonstrated their resilience in a variety of ways which is why we have seen such a strong response to these brands.”

The findings of the research were presented this morning at an event hosted in conjunction with the New Zealand Marketing Association.

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