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BNZ becomes first NZ bank to use online EFTPOS

BNZ and Paymark have announced that the bank will become the first to offer Online EFTPOS to its customers through industry-developed and standards-led API’s that connect directly into BNZ’s systems.

The new service will use Payments NZ V2.1 Industry APIs and will be available in mid-2021.

Online Eftpos allows shoppers to buy products and services on-line using money from their bank account. BNZ Executive Customer, Products and Services, Dan Huggins says Customers have been asking BNZ for more ways to pay and more control over their money.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Paymark as we continue to deliver market leading payment solutions for our customer,” he says.

“BNZ is committed to helping New Zealand realise the benefits of payments industry innovation. The delivery of Online EFTPOS through industry APIs highlights how this technology can be adopted for the benefit of our customers and New Zealand.”

Online EFTPOS is one example of the NZ payments industry’s commitment to developing standards for simple, secure and efficient payments.

Paymark spokesperson Will Miao says Paymark aims to re-shape how New Zealanders think of making payments to each other and for goods and services.

“With Online EFTPOS, customers don’t need to have a credit card or even remember their bank account number, they simply buy the product from one of the hundreds of New Zealand merchants who offer Online EFTPOS.” 

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