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Icebreaker set to double size of business by 2025

VF has announced changes at icebreaker that will enable the iconic Kiwi brand to unlock a new chapter of global growth and expansion. It also aims to double the size of the business by 2025.

With its premium, sustainable, natural and versatile clothing, icebreaker has continued to break into international markets. The growth of the brand has also helped to put sophisticated, high-quality New Zealand materials from local suppliers, particularly Merino Wool, into the hands of consumers across the globe.

To achieve its 2025 goal, icebreaker will undertake a reorganisation of both the business and team structure in New Zealand to better position the brand for growth at an international level.

Accordingly, effective as of October 1 2021, the current entity icebreaker Limited will cease trading and the relevant business will be split into three distinct legal entities – two of them continuing to be based at the current head office site in Ponsonby, NZ and one based in Switzerland, where the VF International HQ is located.

The restructure will create a simplified new way of working within the business, with roles being situated closer to the markets they support. The majority of NZ-based employees will continue in their roles but under a new legal entity.

Unfortunately, some employees will be left without a role in this new structure. In these cases, VF will ensure that each individual is looked after and treated fairly and with respect over the coming months. 

The icebreaker brand cannot exist without the strong relationship it has with New Zealand, which has been central to the brand’s success to date and will be critical to its success into the future.

The retailer says it will remain deeply committed to New Zealand as it enters its exciting new chapter.

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