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H&M launches global initiative in support of kids

H&M has launched a new worldwide initiative to identify and support young social, environmental, and civic role models.

At a time of social and environmental upheaval, leadership has never been more important. With this in mind H&M have decided to play a part in supporting the role models who are right in front of us and are shaping the future.

The initiative will see the retailer bring forward, champion and sell the stories of young change makers from around the world. H&M wants to support, improve and contribute to a better future for children and parents alike.

H&M Global Sustainability Manager, Pascal Brun, says as a company that stands for progress, H&M feels a responsibility to use its size to create change today and for the future.

“We’re ambitious in our goals to make our business more equitable and sustainable so the world is better for future generations,” he says.

“Part of that is making the decision to amplify the voice of role models who are making a difference today: kids.”

Supporting the initiative is two-time Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley, who has helped craft a short film asking audiences to rethink the role models we have been looking up to. The film’s purpose is to show how young people view adults today, while evoking the central idea that the leadership and urgency for change is within them.

To join the movement, H&M encourages people to visit hm.com/kids and nominate a remarkable role model. Later this year, the brand will spotlight their efforts and create awareness for how the broader community can join in their work.

The company’s goal is to not only showcase the impact these kids are making, but also help support their causes using the proceeds from a new line of more sustainable clothing, designed by the H&M Kids design team.

“This is more than just identifying some great kids, it’s putting the power of our global infrastructure behind something we truly believe in,” says Brun.

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