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Actionable tips for getting online and noticed

In this day and age, it is absolutely vital to have an online presence. Even if your company does not conduct business online, customers and potential customers are expecting to see you online.

As we all know, the internet never sleeps, so whether you have a website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page, or a combination of all three, your business is bound to reap the benefits.

In saying this, the world of e-commerce can be tricky, so how do you start?

Digital expert at Yellow, June Hartel, shares her top tips and tricks for getting your business online.

1. Speak to a digital expert 

For most people digital marketing is overwhelming, and it’s constantly changing, a bit of support from an expert can make it all so much easier, and it’s a lot less expensive than people may think.  Yellow offers a 15 min chat for free to help get you started on your journey, or for $99 you can have an in-depth 45-minute conversation, get an analysis of your digital footprint, review keyword research, get a competitor analysis and get a report with recommendations on maximising your business online

2. Get a digital business presence to be proud of

The online home of your business is just as important as the offline home, if not more so for some business types. Add a global pandemic to the mix and it’s no surprise that 70 percent of all small businesses agree that businesses with an online presence are most likely to survive an economic downturn. Most small businesses think that a great website will cost them thousands, but at Yellow you can get a free online profile. You can also get your own slick looking website (like Robynsundies.co.nz) with an ecommerce store for just $39 a month. 

3. Get discovered and keep tracking what’s working

Search ads and social media ads are a popular (and proven) way to connect with your audience, drive them to your website, and track conversion to leads and sales. Of all the small businesses in NZ who are investing in marketing, 58 percent spend on social media and search ads*.

Yellow can book and manage search and Facebook advertising, and they also offer a digital dashboard, bringing all your digital business insights together in one place. This is key when it comes to tracking the most effective use of precious marketing dollars and the continual optimisation of your business online. 

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