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Delivering services to a new generation of customers

Home services franchise companies, Green Acres and Hire A Hubby, have teamed up with Afterpay to offer interest-free payment plants spread across four installments on house cleaning, lawn mowing, home maintenance, and other services.

CEO of Green Acres and Hire A Hubby Logan Sears says the new arrangement will have a particular appeal for new and younger customers.

“This relationship should widen our appeal to a younger demographic. It lets them get more done and sooner,” he says.

“It’s also ideal for homeowners who’ve been putting off projects. They can get the work done now and spread the cost across four payments, one every two weeks, without incurring any interest.”

The initiative is the first time Afterpay has offered its service for home maintenance in New Zealand, and the process is very simple. Customers provide details of the service they need. They receive a quote. They accept the quote. The job commences: the franchisee arrives and mows the lawn, spring cleans the house or installs new kitchen cupboards. When the service is complete, the franchisee sends the customer an invoice which gives them the option to pay by bank transfer, credit card or Afterpay.

“Our partnership with Green Acres and Hire A Hubby opens up the home services category to a new generation of customers and will pave the way for other services to be available through Afterpay in the future,” says Afterpay country lead NZ, Sam ter Haar.

Afterpay’s research, carried out in partnership with The Future Laboratory, shows that Millennials and Gen Z understand and appreciate the benefits of Afterpay. This demographic are averse to using credit cards and taking on long term debt, and instead, have rapidly embraced Afterpay as a smarter alternative for managing their budgets. This trend is expected to continue for Gen Z post Covid-19.

Sears says the team at Green Acres and Hire A Hubby are proud to be the first services company in New Zealand to partner with Afterpay.

“Introducing this new way of paying for services is in line with our commitment to innovation and being customer-focused,” he says.

“It’s a mobile-ready, pay-on-completion, satisfaction-guaranteed service that puts the customer in control of what they want done, when they get it, and how they pay for it.”

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