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Countdown says hello to menstrual cups

Kiwi menstrual cup brand Hello Cup can now be found on the shelves of Countdown stores across New Zealand, an achievement the company marks as its biggest yet.

Menstrual cups are gaining popularity in New Zealand, as women with periods are realising the multiple benefits a cup can bring. Astonishingly, one cup replaces five years’ worth of tampons and pads, which in turn, saves 2,000 tampons and pads from landfill.

Countdown’s recent move to supply Hello Cups demonstrates just how mainstream sustainable period products are becoming.

“Having our cups on the shelves at Countdown stores is so encouraging – and we’re very proud to have taken this leap in partnership with such a progressive and proactive retailer,” says Hello Cup co-founder Mary Bond.

200 million singe-use period products have already been saved by people using Hello Cups, however the brand wants to achieve more than that. Bond says the aim is to have menstrual cups openly discussed and readily available so that they’re the first choice of those starting their period journey, or very easily accessed for those switching from single-use products.

“Periods are nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about,” says Hello Cup co-founder Robyn McLean.

“Half the world’s population will have one! We think it’s fantastic that Hello Cups are now part of Countdown’s offering, so that sustainable period products can continue to be part of the conversation – and part of the solution when it comes to a healthier planet.”

Manufactured in Napier, Hello Cups are made from a soft, flexible, fully recyclable medical grade plastic. The Countdown range is available in sizes small/medium and large and has been repackaged so that the cups are clearly visible. This allows shoppers to see the product and the differences between sizes before they buy.

“Our small/medium is the most widely purchased size, and seems to fit most, while the larger size is usually a good fit for those who are a little older. In most cases, sizing is less to do with flow and more to do with fitness and age,” says Bond.

Already having achieved multiple goals, The B Corp certified company’s ultimate aim is to have saved one billion single-use period products from landfill by 2025.

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