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How are Kiwis spending their money? Ada knows

Customer insight agency Perceptive, and fintech startup Paymark are excited to launch Ada, a new tool that offers retailers unprecedented insights as to how Kiwis spend their money.

The powerful intelligence business tool is a combination of Paymark’s EFTPOS transaction data (the largest of its kind in New Zealand with over one billion transactions a year), and Perceptive’s data science and visualisation capabilities.

Ultimately, Ada can build a complete picture of what drives customer outcomes by using transactional data.

Managing director at Perceptive, Daniel Shaw, says the tool will allow companies to make smarter, better-informed decisions about the way they operate.

“Companies will be able to explore and analyse how customers spend with their brand, in their brand category, and in the macro environment with Ada’s visual, self-service dashboard,” says Shaw.

“It can unlock customer transactional data at a regional level and we can provide bespoke filters to give businesses access to any specific segment of intel they need.”

Head of CX and data innovation at Paymark, Ella Obreja, says Paymark’s data, paired with Perceptive’s insights and analysis, will add a new layer to customer understanding.

“With Ada, businesses can gain a complete picture of their customers, including a deeper understanding of retention and acquisition, and the impact and procurement of customer loyalty,” she says.

“These new insights will be invaluable to businesses and we are very excited to be working with Perceptive on this new and unique offering.”

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