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A match made in heaven: Deadly Ponies and BMW launch their first collection

Following the announcement of their partnership in February, Deadly Ponies and BMW have now launched their bespoke capsule collection, inspired by the electrifying colours of BMW’s all new M3 and M4 Competition vehicles.

Handcrafted with Italian embossed, double faced Bovine leather, the bags offer a touch of luxury for any occasion. To reflect the sleek shape of the latest M high-performance duo, the capsule has been designed in a myriad of shapes with sleek simplicity, complimented with the sticking shades Isle of Man Green and Sao Paulo Yellow.

Managing director for BMW NZ, Karol Abrasowicz-Madej, says there is great synergy between BMW and Deadly Ponies.

“The Deadly Ponies x BMW M capsule collection shows a beautiful commitment to design, craftsmanship and luxury, and starts this partnership with a strong foundation.

“The release of the new capsule collection is the first of many projects we will be working on together and I’m excited about what lies ahead.”

The collection includes innovated updates to traditional pieces, and introduces new additions like the sumptuous overnight bag for weekend escapes, as well as a satchel for elevated daily commutes.

“The vibrancy of this capsule emulates the power and engineering of the BMW’s M vehicles,” says Deadly Ponies chief executive, Steve Boyd.

“It is an honour to deliver our new Voyage range alongside BMW for this collection and present our superior craftsmanship to a global audience of car lovers.”

Future collections from the partnership will explore resource circularity and sustainability, synonymous values between both brands.

The Deadly Ponies x BMW M capsule collection is made-to-order and is available at deadlyponies.com

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