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Travel bubble allows NZ retail chain to expand into Australia

New Zealand owned retailer Shosa plans to open multiple stores across Australia following the announcement of a quarantine-free travel bubble earlier this month.

Due to the pandemic, the company’s export plans have been stalled and there has been a lack of physical access to the Australian market. Nabhik Gupta, spokesperson for Shosha, says the next natural step for the business is to progress with its expansion plans internationally.

“We have progressed these plans as far as we can from this side of the Tasman with Australian leasing agents – all that remains is for us to visit each site before we open the stores” he says.

The nature of bricks and mortar stores requires the retailer’s property specialist to visit each site, gaining an understanding of traffic flows and consumer demographics in the area.

Nabhik Guptar, Shosha

“Regulatory changes in the past 12 months have meant the operating environment for speciality e-cigarette stores has become significantly more favourable.

“Our retail footprint now extends to 74 stores in around NZ – giving us a presence in every major city or town in the country.”

The expansion of the Shosha chain comes as increasing numbers of Australians turn to combustible cigarette smoking alternatives and COVID has seen many increase their cigarette consumption.

“In contrast to New Zealand, changes to Australian regulations which restrict the import of e-cigarettes has meant that establishing a retail presence in that market is even more necessary for our growth plans.”

Shosha plans to open 10 new stores in the Gold Coast before Christmas, before opening a further ten in New South Wales and Victoria in the first half of next year.

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