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NZ company Imagr expands into European retail market

Kiwi retail technology company Imagr is excited to announce its expansion into Europe’s retail market with its new office in Amsterdam opening in April.

Saying goodbye to the age-old, trusted barcode, Imagr has packed the most advanced image recognition technology in the world into a shopping cart. The high-tech solution allows customers to do their shopping and leave without the need to visit a checkout or scan any barcodes.

The image recognition knows every single item in store and can detect when an item has been put in the cart or taken out. Customers can track items as they go through the Imagr app, which will automatically charge them when they exit.

Designed to layer into any supermarket, with no store fit outs required, Imagr is the first truly scalable retail solution.

With its headquarters in New Zealand and another office in Osaka, Japan, Imagr’s European expansion is the next big step for the Kiwi tech startup, having just finalised deals with two European retailers.

Founder and CEO, William Chomley, says Europe’s retail market offers huge potential for automation, especially in the face of Covid19.

“Europe has a highly competitive grocery market where outlets need to differentiate themselves from the pack or face losing market share. Having boots on the ground is the best way for us to reach these potential customers and support demand,” he says.

“The Imagr system is white label, so retailers can own it, brand it and scale it themselves. We enable retailers to offer a superior customer experience and automate the checkout process.”

As consumers shop more frequently for fewer options, the thought of waiting in long queues can deter people from using a particular supermarket chain. Imagr’s solution removes that pressure point and provides an alternative solution for customers.

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