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Across the ditch: Kiwi liquor brand Jumping Goat lands in Australia

Kiwi coffee liquor brand Jumping Goat has recently partnered with Australian distributor Pinnacle Drinks to launch into 250 Murphy stores and 300 BWS stores across Australia.

The deal will include both Jumping Goat coffee infused products, the exquisitely pure New Zealand vodka as well as the eye-poppingly good Scotch whiskey, each blended with 100 percent organic cold-brewed coffee, spices and spring water.

Founder Callum O’Brien says Australia is likely to overtake New Zealand as Jumping Goat’s biggest market.

“We couldn’t be more stoked. It means we’ll have much wider distribution across the country and that’s going to really help solidify the brand. And of course, the more we sell, the more we can support our charity Farm Africa. And the goats.”

Empowering women in Ethiopia to forge new livelihoods for their families, 10 percent of Jumping Goat’s annual profits are donated to Farm Africa’s women-led goat rearing programme. For every $10,000 donated, 300 goats can be provided for women in need.

The brand has also increased its foothold in the USA, with distribution expanded across ten states including South Carolina, California, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Washington.

This success, combined with the Australian deal means 2021 is likely to be Jumping Goat’s biggest growth year since its launch.

“We’ve spent a lot of time over the last 12 months completely overhauling our packaging to give the award-winning liquid an equally epic bottle,” says O’Brien.

This has really helped us stand out to distributors around the world and in the next 24 months, we’re aiming to hit 25k-30k cases per year. That’s a whole lot of coffee-infused shots and espresso martinis…. And a whole lot of madcap tomfoolery.”

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