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Touchdown: Kiwi company Compostic lands in the US

Following its success across Australia and New Zealand, Kiwi company Compostic has now launched into the US. Available on Amazon, the brand has skyrocketed from the humble NZ market to an International supplier.

Those throughout America will have access to the brand’s fully home compostable cling film and resealable bags, which aim to reduce the amount of plastic used at home.

Statistics from More Recycling US found that in 2018, 5.3 million Americans used 10 or more rolls of plastic wrap. Even today, American’s are still buying enough plastic to shrink wrap Texas.

The team at Compostic are excited to provide a home compostable option to the US market that still offers the convenience and ease of use as traditional plastic variations.

Co-founder and CEO Jon Reed says the launch is another step towards the brand’s mission of reducing plastic consumption worldwide.

“By entering the United States, we’re bringing a new option to millions of consumers that could potentially create a huge dent in how much plastic poisons our environment.

“A solution to the problem is long overdue, and with the current rise of the conscious consumer, we know we are positioning ourselves as the best alternative at the right time.” 

Reed, who co-founded the company in 2018 alongside business partner Josh Bowden, says it is always going to be surreal, launching into a market of 330 million.

“We’re excited to see how American consumers react to the product, and are proud of how much work our team has put in to see this launch happen.” 

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