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BizCover: business insurance online and in minutes

As a small business owner, we know you have a lot going on. Whether it’s ordering more stock or serving customers, the world of retail is fast-paced and never ending, leaving many retail operators short of time. 

You have worked hard to establish your business and its reputation, and that’s why it makes sense to have  business insurances in place to protect it. That’s where BizCover comes in, creating a stress-free insurance shopping experience.

At BizCover, we understand small businesses and the importance of business insurance. We provide an easy-to-use platform where you can jump online, receive multiple quotes and get your insurance sorted in minutes. 

Here’s a bit more about us, the kinds of insurance you may want to consider as a retailer and how you can start saving on your business insurance today.

Business insurance made easy

Starting out in 2011, BizCover is proud to have introduced the first online business insurance comparison sites in both New Zealand and Australia, shaking up the way small businesses buy their insurance.

Our goal is all about making the process of purchasing insurance for small businesses a breeze. We went to great lengths to create an online platform where small businesses can instantly compare quotes, select the different types and levels of cover to compare and buy a policy within minutes.

Our BizCover platform is all about saving you time and money so you can get to the important things in life, like running your business and finally going on that holiday!

We offer a variety of products from some of New Zealand’s leading insurers including DUAL and AIG. Our product range includes Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Business Insurance options to suit your business.

Why choose BizCover?

Here’s some of the ways we create a hassle-free insurance shopping experience for your business.

  • Receive multiple quotes in minutes- you tell us a little about your business and the kind of cover you are looking for and we will prepare the quotes! We will provide you a range of quotes from some of New Zealand’s leading insurers. 
  • Compare policies easily- once you have received your quotes you can compare the policies side by side. This makes it easier to compare not only the policy premiums but the key features, benefits and endorsements. 
  • No paperwork– we know you haven’t got the time to waste filling out forms, so that’s why we’ve given the mountain of paperwork the flick. Our online platform captures all the details we need to create your quotes and policy documents. No snail mail required.
  • Save time– purchasing business insurance has often been a time consuming, complex and manual process, something we were destined to change. We’ve cut out the unnecessary steps of the long-winded process to keep it simple, only asking for the information we need.
  • Buy online 24/7– operating a retail business can often mean working outside of the usual 9-5 business hours and that’s why our online platform is open 24/7.  This gives you the flexibility to arrange your insurance when it suits you. 
  • Get your policy documents instantly– Once you have selected your policy and made payment, your policy documents will be sent instantly to your inbox. 

Why should retailers consider business insurance?

When you are dealing with customers, suppliers and members of the public, stock, money and cyber systems, there is a high risk for things for unwanted accidents to occur.

These are some of the main types of risks that retail businesses are exposed to:

  • Slips, trips and falls– something as simple as leaving a box of stock on the floor or an unsecured electrical cord can quickly become safety hazards, causing the potential for an injury to occur. This may not be covered by the ACC.
  • Theft– no matter how secure your store may be, an unfortunate reality of the retail environment is the threat of shoplifters stealing your stock.
  • Machines breaking down– when you rely on things like refrigerators to keep you stock cold and fresh, the last thing you want is for them to be out of action.
  • Natural disasters– when events like fire or storms strike, the damage to your store’s building and contents can be devastating, potentially closing your business doors while repairs take place.
  • Cyber-attacks – all it takes is for hackers to get into your online customer database or EFTPOS machines to cause havoc. 

Some of the types of insurance you may want  to consider as a retail business:

Public Liability*- When you’re working with the customers and members of the public everyday, Public Liability insurance is a no-brainer.  A Public Liability policy will cover third party property damage and or personal injury that is not covered by the ACC. 

Business Insurance*-Fire, storm, theft and accidental damage are just some of the factors that can damage your business assets in your retail outlet.

Business insurance can cover you for:

Contents*: Protects the contents in your shop against damage or loss caused by theft, accidents, natural catastrophes or vandalism.

Stock in Trade*: protects the stock you hold for trade.

Building*: The policy covers the building and structure of your shop in the event of damage from storms, fire, natural catastrophes or other extreme weather events.

 Money*: Ensure your cash is safeguarded against theft or damage, whether it is stored within business premises, or transit.

Business interruption*: The policy covers loss of revenue that can occur when you are not able to run your business due to an insured event.

#BizSave on your insurance today

You work hard for your retail business, and every dollar matters. BizCover gives you access to Business Insurance options at competitive prices – helping you save money today while protecting you from the unexpected tomorrow. Members of Retail NZ will also get a further $25 off our competitive rates, so visit BizCover today and see if you can #BizSave on insurance for your small business. 

Visit BizCover today, start comparing quotes and see how much you can save today. 

*As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

In association with BizCover.

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