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Stats NZ on how the December 2020 quarter fared

Statistics New Zealand has released its retail trade survey for the December 2020 quarter, showing that robust sales of vehicles, hardware supplies and electrical items contributed to the rise of total retail values.

This comes after a spending surge in the September 2020 quarter sales.

Total retail sales values rose 4.9 percent ($1.3 billion) in the December 2020 quarter after a strong 7.4 percent ($1.8 billion) rise in the September 2020 quarter.

The momentum of higher spending on motor vehicles continued into the December 2020 quarter with another solid increase of 12 percent ($412 million), after the 13 percent ($454 million) lift in the September 2020 quarter.

Retail statistics manager Sue Chapman says: “Consumer demand remains high in the vehicle industry, regardless of some price increases for new models, and the port supply issues of vehicle arrivals seen earlier in the year.”

Hardware, building and garden supplies, up 16 percent ($388 million), and electrical and electronic goods retailing, up 19 percent ($214 million) were the next largest increases this quarter, compared with the December 2019 quarter.

“The strong housing market and continued household improvements have kept consumer demands high for the hardware and garden supplies sales.”

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