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Virtual lipstick testing amid a global pandemic

As a result of the global pandemic, retailers are increasing their online store capacities so consumers can shop from the comfort of their homes.

We ask New Zealand lipstick guru Karen Murrell how the pandemic has changed lipstick retail. Of course, sales patterns have changed in regions where people are wearing masks daily. Murrell has also observed “a change in the best selling shades”, as well as a focus on “hydrating and scrub assisting lip treatments”.

Because consumers are affected by government-imposed lockdowns or cautious sampling in-store beauty testers due to the risk of contamination, it’s been the prime time for Murrell to re-launch her Virtual Powder Room.

The Virtual Powder Room is Murrell’s solution to help customers find their perfect lipstick match from their own homes. Many beauty brands depend on a network of retailers to sell and promote their collections, so supporting these online retail networks to encourage sales is a smart decision.

Initially, Murrell launched the Virtual Powder Room in 2019 for a limited time. Before its re-launch this February, she wanted to refine the technology to ensure that its lipstick shades were 100% accurate.

Working with a technology partner in the United Kingdom, Murrell says that creating the Powder Room’s Karen Murrell mirror’ was “a mixture of stress and great fun, getting the colours and lips to be just right. Each hue took several attempts of mixing shades, and the excitement when we finally got there for each lipstick never wore off. You start by creating the lip mask in the shape you wish, then develop the colours from there, followed by adding features such as shine, matte and depth to create a look that replicates the exact colours, which we tested on everyone in the office at the time. It took many days of testing and adjusting in different lights, faces, moods, etc., and we are thrilled with the final launching result.”

The likes of virtual lipstick filters are nothing new to digital users, making for a comfortable and familiar user experience. Murrell explains that because “virtual filters are so popular across social media, we thought why not incorporate filter technology that allows you to shop with convenience and hygiene safety in mind”.

There’s no doubt that lipstick retail is a challenge in 2021. However, the Karen Murrell brand is always pushing ahead to educate the customer about the brand from each sale point. And of course, Karen Murrell is a stand-out brand in the beauty space, with its lipsticks made from natural ingredients, including pigments.

Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room is available here, or simply scan the QR code:

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